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Our brans and products.

Vedi HerbalsTM, the Ayurvedic and lifestyle brand from HempCann Solutions is all about being holistic and planet-friendly. We have a range of medicines, supplements, and bodycare products that can be classified into four sections. Know more about our products or just go to Vedi Herbals by clicking the link.

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Every product that we make are the result of hours of research and development. Our team ensures that only the best ingredients go into every product and the highest production values are maintained. Every product goes through stringent testing so as to ensure you get only the very best.

Cannabis-infused medicines

Cannabis has been an important part of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Medicinal cannabis is abundantly versatile, and has a range of uses in natural medicine.

Ayurveda Bath and body

Our body care range is based on the idea that you need the best of nature because you are nature. We have used an ancient Spanish recipe to create Castile soaps that have hemp, olive and coconut oils.

Immunity Boosters

In this age when infections like flu have become a constant reminder that the collective immune system is getting weaker, it was only natural that we manufacture medicines that boosts your immunity without side-effects.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Our Ayurvedic range is 100% natural. It can effectively help in managing a spectrum of ailments, including chronic diseases.

Nutraceutical products

Nutraceutical products are fortified food products that supplements your diet and helps in treating and preventing diseases.

Dietary Supplements

Nutraceutical product is a fortified food product that supplements your diet. It strengthens your body from its core, making you resistant to diseases.